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Snowbirds by shirotsuki Snowbirds :iconshirotsuki:shirotsuki 6,538 218 Onward by TamberElla Onward :icontamberella:TamberElla 4,735 179 Little Red Riding Hood II - The Encounter by iNeedChemicalX Little Red Riding Hood II - The Encounter :iconineedchemicalx:iNeedChemicalX 1,972 94 Mechanical Scorpion No 4 III by AMechanicalMind Mechanical Scorpion No 4 III :iconamechanicalmind:AMechanicalMind 2,188 181
Fugitive: Part 2 of 3 [England x Reader]
[Police Arthur x Criminal Reader]
There was always a plan in place when you went somewhere new.
(Or came back as someone new.)
A plan to make sure you could get away through a dozen methods or more; a plan to throw off even the best of trackers; a plan to make sure when you went to ground you could stay hidden for months, if not years.
(Your life of crime had taught you much.)
But often you felt you were going against the world alone, and most of the time, you were.
The world at large wanted to catch you and bring you to justice.
(And you were a criminal, but not for the things people thought you had done.)
You didn't often dwell on it, most of the time you were too busy, but when you did think of your predicament, of your life as you ran from one country to the next, the anger at the unfairness of it all clawed at you with vengeance.
You had fled because of £600million you had never known to even exist.
Such were the workings of your 'ex-employers' and the crimina
:iconladygr3y:LadyGr3y 10 5
Fugitive: Part 1 of 3 [England x Reader]
[Police Arthur x Criminal Reader]
On the run for five years, the trail growing colder by the day, and Detective Arthur Kirkland of the Metropolitan Police was having one of those days.
Sure he had caught crime lords, sex traffickers and busted drug rings, perhaps he was one of the most successful members of the police force to date. He wasn't perfect; some cases just never got solved, or there just wasn't enough evidence to prosecute.
But you were different.
You were a convicted criminal on the run, having stolen and conned your way through over £600million from various sources; the authorities of fourteen different countries wanted you in custody.
Hell, it had even turned into a competition to see who would get to you first.
Arthur thought it ridiculous to be so childish as to compete against each other when there was a job to be done, but he understood. You had become as elusive as the Holy Grail, except with a better documented history.
Whichever authority got you, it wo
:iconladygr3y:LadyGr3y 26 7
Hate by ProtanopicAcid Hate :iconprotanopicacid:ProtanopicAcid 378 34 Jacky (sketches) by draskyla Jacky (sketches) :icondraskyla:draskyla 409 17
France x Reader: A Mother's Love
France x Reader: A Mother's Love
Author's note: In this story I am attempting at a French accent for (duh) France in order (I hope) to help personify his character better. I watched/read videos/articles to help me with this tedious process and please do bear with in my poor attempts to convey this accent though typing (it might also help if you mentally repeat the sentence in a French accent). Feel free to ask clarification questions, via comment, if you truly cannot understand anything he is saying, and I will both respond and add it to the description.
P.S. I forgot to mention that the title of this tale might not make sense at first but as the story progresses all will be revealed. Now then, enjoy.
~France's POV~
There she is. Tender feelings flutter about at the very thought of her, ah… I wonder how such an angel as she could ever be walking amongst the mortals of this planet. Her shining (h/c) tress flowing down in rivulets to frame the face carved by fairies. The two gems people
:iconvillainkomandr:VillainKomandr 55 32
Mature content
Property of Arthur Kirkland :iconshortcakeandteacup:ShortCakeAndTeaCup 66 79
Father!ScotlandxReader::THAT Kind of Dad
THAT Kind of Dad
Father!Scotland x Reader

Your father…  YOUR father…oh that man was definitely a dad alright.  And you were definitely your dad's little angel; his princess, baby, et cetera.  That man was Alistair Kirkland and if anything were certain, if any boy laid a finger on you, that finger would be missing in a heartbeat.  Your father, in other words, was the most stuck up, protective, condescending man on the planet, but…he was your father.
Your palms were sweaty, knees weak, and your nerves were in overdrive as you entered your house.  It wasn't that you were scared of your father, no, it was the fact that you were scared for the boy that was to pick you up later.  You hadn't mentioned your overprotective father to the poor soul because—well…isn't it obvious?  
You walked through the hallway that led to the kitchen and then a sound you didn't want to hear had rung in the air.
"Good evenin' lass, 'ow was mah princess' day t'day?" he ask
:iconsnazzywriter:SnazzyWriter 351 106
Mature content
Neko!AmericaxNeko!Reader- Home Alone :iconxxamanda-rebeccaxx:xXAmanda-RebeccaXx 167 54
Bright blue eyes watched you and his little Canadian son, sitting contently in your lap, laughing and giggling.
Oh, how it irritated Francis Bonnefoy.
Don't misunderstand, Francis loved Matthew to death; after all, those wide, violet eyes, wavy blond locks, and that toothy childish grin were priceless. Top it all off with a shy and forgiving personality, and you had an A+ child on your hands. The one problem was that dear, sweet Matthew was currently getting all of your attention when Franis planned to spend the day together, just you and him. And, to be ignored by his mon amour pissed the Frenchman off more than anything else.
 In fact, why was he just sitting here? He needed to make it clear that ____ was HIS mon amour, even though his amour "offender" was nothing more than his seven year old son. Standing up, the Frenchman ran toward you, glomping you with the ferocity of a bear. "F-France!" You yelled, eyes wide in surprise.
 You both heard a small, barel
:iconmidnightshadows24:MidnightShadows24 1,033 282
Hetalia: England/Authur x Reader ~ hopefully~
(A/N) Yes! My second one-shot is here! I hope ya'll enjoy it! sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes! -_-' YOU GUYS NEED TO COMMENT REQUESTS!!! Please? lol. but seriously, if you want me to do one really badly just send me a note or comment below! ~~Thanks!!~~
HETALIA DOES NOT BELONG TO ME, NOR DO THE CHARACTERS! And neither do you! 'Cause you belong to England!! ;D
    "Hey, ___, wait up!" your friend, Alfred, called out to you as you were walking out of school, "What is it now Alfred?" you called back as you stopped and waited for him by the doors. "I wanted you to meet my brother, Authur!" he cried happily, "Wait, you had brothers... AND YOU NEVER TOLD ME?!?!" you asked surprised and somewhat pissed that he had never told you about his brother. "Yes I do have brothers , but I never metioned him because he was living in England, but he's moving here for awhile!" He said,
:iconbiggestenglandfan:BiggestEnglandFan 10 19
Romano/Lovino x Reader~ Only You...
(A/N) YAY! Romano is here! heh, sorry guys but this one isn't going to be a lemon! But of course, there will be a lot of cussing due to a little Italian... :P i hope you guys enjoy it though, expecially Silent-Little-Violet since she's the one who requested it! If you dont like it just let me know and I'll do another one! ~~~I would like some of you other guys to request too! It would help out a lot! Thanks!~~~ 
I DO NOT OWN HETALIA! Nor the characters that I used in here! And you belong to yourself... or you can belong to Romano.
:iconbiggestenglandfan:BiggestEnglandFan 33 17
Mature content
Sparkle-Raver-Floor!~BTT X Reader :icondj-sky-storm-117:DJ-Sky-Storm-117 129 57


I don't know why I did this... Maybe because it's 2 am where I'm at right now, and I have insomnia? Yeah, probably...

OK, I'll try writing something on this... Is it weird or odd in anyway that I swear that each of my friends is like related to a Hetalia character?

I have these so far, mind you, they act the same as the country, in some little way!
-France (Sadly me...)

Weird right?
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